WMD Bluegrass Band

Jon Wieland



Front Man/ Bus Driver

Age: Unknown


One of my favorite things in the world was strumming and singing for my Grandma Jo – mostly Jimmy Buffett but a few songs with more than 3 chords. When she passed away she left me a few dollars and I knew just what to do with it. I went to the Pick’n Parlor, bought a Martin D-16, and signed up for guitar lessons from local guitar instructor Dale Miller. Although I was a solo acoustic musician for a few years, a buddy took me to see the Sons and Brothers family bluegrass band at the Black Rose Acoustic Society down the road.  That night was the beginning of my bluegrass journey and little did I know that 2 years later I would start my own family bluegrass band with my sons. 


In Jonny's free time, he usually naps or searches for hot deals online, sometimes simultaneously.  He also enjoys spending time with his three sons and beautiful wife, Meg Wieland, the supporting mother of WMD Bluegrass Band.



Sam Wachtler



Dulcimer, Guitar, Vocals




   "Slingshot Sammy" is a multi-instrumentalist to include hammered dulcimer, fiddle, mandolin, piano, and, of course, guitar. Growing up Sam played in his own family band called My Three Sons Plus One. He joined the WMDs in 2010 as lead guitarist. At the age of 15 Sam placed second in the National Hammered Dulcimer    Championships at Winfield, Kansas.







 In Sam's spare time, he drives his 1989 Porsche 951.




Jackson Wieland



Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Age: 19


 I have always enjoyed music.  My earliest memory o anything musical was me cutting my finger open on my dad's guitar strings when I was two.  After that, I began singing a few songs here and there with my dad and brothers, in places like bars and weddings.  I also started learning piano from my mom, and at age seven I got my first guitar.  At 12, I picked up a mandolin, my favorite instrument to play.  Since then, I have picked up several other instruments and arrange                                                                                  and write songs for our band.  


Jackson currently attends Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL where he studies Aeronautical Science with a Navy Military Pilot Specialty. He also a Midshipman in the United States Naval Reserves and will commission into the United States Navy in 2020.


Follow Jackson on Instagram -@jackson_wieland 






Wyatt Wieland




Fiddle & Vocals

Age: 17




When I was 5 years old I saw Brian Walnicki, a family friend, play the violin and I knew that was the instrument for me. My parents thought I was too young but I kept bugging them until my dad finally broke down and bought me one for $5 on ebay (big spender, I know). I started lessons when I was 6 with Shari Russell and also played in my school’s orchestra. By age 8 I preferred fiddle music and found my current fiddle instructor Luke Tripp (www.theredfiddle.com). My favorite fiddle player is Andy Leftwich. 




In Wyatt's spare time, he plays football for Pine Creek High School (5A Colorado State Champions) and Borderlands on PlayStation.


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Luke Wieland


Bass & Vocals

Age: 15



 I wanted to play the tuba from a very young age but my parents convinced me to try to upright bass instead.  Apparently the tuba isn't very popular in bluegrass these days.  I am known as the "Little Subwoofer" in our band.  My favorite bass player is Gene Libbea.  I also love playing soccer and baking.   





In Luke's spare time, he plays soccer for the Pride Predators and enjoys blowing all of his time and money on saltwater fish that seem to have the life span of a fruit fly.



  Follow Luke on Instagram - @luke_wieland1

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